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Professional Access Control Accessories

Access control is a key part of security in homes, businesses, and secure facilities. Controlling who can enter a secure area is the best way to prevent unauthorized or unwanted entry. The best access control measures currently available include measures such as remote management, video surveillance, and more. However, at Full Coverage Security Solutions we are aware that a critical failure in the access control process is a lack of quality accessories to keep those entry methods secure. What better way to ensure complete security than to make sure that access cards and badges are protected? 

Secure access control ensures that no one without proper ID can enter a site. We applied our expertise as security professionals to identify an often-overlooked aspect of that system and design a creative, attractive, durable solution that keeps access passes and ID badges secure while still easily available when needed. Gone are the days when a cheap plastic sleeve could provide adequate protection against data security breaches and theft – if it ever could. Instead, we have designed a badge holder that can accommodate multiple badges, with flexible configurations to suit a number of varying badge and ID needs. Our badge holders are:

  • Versatile: Designed to accommodate your organization’s badge and access needs, with or without visibility
  • Durable: Designed to withstand significant wear and tear; stands up to frequent use better than most badge holders
  • RFID Friendly: Includes concealment doors to allow RFID badges to be read when needed and safeguarded when not needed
  • Understated: Coordinates well with any uniform or style of dress without drawing excessive attention
  • Discreet: Multiple configurations allow for one badge to be shown at a time, for badge concealment in non-secure spaces, or for badge and ID combinations to be displayed concurrently
  • Professional: Designed/developed in the USA by security professionals for security professionals
  • Budget-Conscious: Affordable rates for bulk purchases ensure that your team’s needs are met at the best possible rate

The best in secure access control is meaningless without accessories to ensure that the end user component – badge, ID, or access card – is equally secure. We invite you to take a look at our security products [store link] and discover how you can enhance the security or your home, business, or secure facility. Let us help you save time, stay organized, and stay secure.

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