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FCSS Remote Pro Security Assessment.

Remote Work Security

If you are a business interested in ensuring your remote employees are security-conscious, knowledgeable, and able to protect your business’s data while working off-site, we have a solution for you!  The all new FCSS Remote Pro Security Assessment is now available…

We understand that remote work options offer HUGE benefits for employers and employees!  But we also know that there are security risks involved when work data is accessible at home.  Our goal is to make the best out of it by improving security awareness and helping to provide assurance that remote employees have more secure work environments.

Ideal for all remote and hybrid work models!!!

Service Description

Full Coverage Security Solutions (FCSS) has designed an inspection service that will help extend tailored industry security standards into the remote work environments of the workforce. FCSS provides local physical/logical/environmental security inspections, on-the-spot mitigation recommendations, and security/policy awareness discussions as a part of the overall FCSS Remote Pro Security Assessment. 

Our assessment will focus on the workforce within their remote office environments. FCSS reviews over 95 potential assessment items during the visit.

By conducting these assessments, the remote workforce’s security posture will grow stronger, while employers receive increased assurance that their data can remain secure.

FCSS Remote Pro Security Assessment Items:

  • Physical Access Control Inspection
  • Logical Access Control Inspection
  • Environmental Control Inspection
  • Social Engineering Awareness and Inspection
  • On-the-spot Mitigation Recommendations
  • Detailed Digital Assessment Report


How it Works: 7 Simple Steps

  1. You, the employer, contacts us, FCSS, using the Get Started button above.
  2. FCSS creates a scope of work and estimates the costs.
  3. You review the scope of work, the estimate, and service agreement
  4. FCSS provides you a unique service code and link for you to provide to your employees
  5. Your employees use the link and service code to complete the online scheduler
  6. FCSS visits your employees and conducts the FCSS Remote Pro Security Assessments
  7. FCSS provides a detailed assessment report to you and your employee(s) for each assessment

Improve your workforce’s security awareness today.  We can give you increased assurance!