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Security professionals must be well-equipped to focus fully on their goals. To ensure that your team has the equipment they need to successfully and efficiently carry out their duties, look no further than Full Coverage Security Solutions. We have applied our collective expertise in the field to create security products that meet or exceed the needs of any team of security professionals without sacrificing functionality, durability, or professional appearance.

Our products are high-quality and stylish, and work well with a range of modern technologies. We make it our mission to provide your organization with products that address your team’s security and access needs, stand up to frequent daily use, and create a pleasant, professional appearance. Our simple, practical designs demonstrate understated professionalism, work well in a variety of settings, and enhance any style. We are here to help your team perform to the best of their ability, with products that address and streamline common daily challenges without sacrificing professional appearance.

Full Coverage Security Solutions is committed to supporting professionals in the security field by using our applied expertise to identify and address common daily security concerns with products that fill the gaps. Discover the difference that a high-quality product can make for your team today.

Business-Focused Features and Benefits

Our High Quality Badge Holder Meets Your Team’s Secure Access Needs

One of the most critical aspects of any security profession is ensuring that your team is equipped to successfully and efficiently carry out their duties. By applying our extensive professional experience, we have designed a badge holder with flexible configurations to suit a number of varying badge and ID needs. Designed to enhance both professional appearance and performance, our durable badge holders stand up to repeated daily use without looking bulky or awkward.

Badge Holder Features and Benefits:

  • Versatile: Designed to accommodate your organization’s badge and access needs, with or without visibility
  • Durable: Designed to withstand significant wear and tear; stands up to frequent use better than most badge holders
  • RFID Friendly: Includes concealment doors to allow RFID badges to be read when needed and safeguarded when not needed
  • Understated: Coordinates well with any uniform or style of dress without drawing excessive attention
  • Discreet: Multiple configurations allow for one badge to be shown at a time, for badge concealment in non-secure spaces, or for badge and ID combinations to be displayed concurrently
  • Professional: Designed/developed in the USA by security professionals for security professionals
  • Budget-Conscious: Affordable rates for bulk purchases ensure that your team’s needs are met at the best possible rate

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We bring the best in security products to your organization, and we believe in bringing quality products to your organization at the best possible price. Contact us to discuss your organization’s specific needs, and we will discuss customization options and rates to ensure your specifications are met.

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